Born and raised in Athens, Greece. Entered my digital era having an 80286 @ 8MHz (Turbo 16MHz) at the beginning of 90's. Bachelor Degree in Informatics (TEI of Athens at 2007) and MSc in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (UPF,Barcelona, Spain at 2011). I'm currently a PhD scholar at Universidad de Sevilla, dealing with robotics and tapas. Worked in many IT roles, from dot-matrix printer and laptop next-business-day service, to administration, data mining, server scripting, robotics, HCI, academic research, web design and full stack programming. I also expand my skills in UX/UI design, mobile applications and HCI/interactive installations production. Check my linkedin profile for more info.

Always wanted to travel around the world. It's not always the best idea even though it's somehow rewarding. I'm interested in having good times with friends, cooking and tasting good food, enjoying rock, funky music and traditional tunes (electro and the rest are guest stars), reading more and more literature and trying to find new beautiful pictures of the real, analog world.

...which leads to one of my hobbies, photography. Not really much to say here. I prefer street photography, some portraits and definitely surreal conceptual projects (which of course I'm not good at). Currently owner a Nikon FM2 for the necessary dark-room romanticism and a Nikon D90 for the fast shots.

This portfolio uses XHTML, css and the foundation framework